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"Sore Loser" law may prevent Padgett from seeking Ney's seat

There is some question this afternoon as to whether state senator Joy Padgett can run for bob Ney's congressional seat. Ney, whose been linked to a lobbying scandal, announced Monday he will not seek reelection - and named Padgett as the republican to replace him on the ballot. But a section of Ohio law nicknamed the "sore loser" provision may prevent Padgett from running because in May she lost a bid for lieutenant governor. The law aims to prevent candidates who lose in one race from running in another in the same election cycle. A surprised Padgett says as far as she knows, she has a "green light" to campaign. Ohio GOP Chairman Bob Bennett says the party will ask for an opinion from the secretary of state -- who is Kenneth Blackwell, the Republican candidate for governor.

To help explain the law, WOSU's Mike Thompson spoke with Terri Enz, an election law fellow at OSU's Moritz College of Law. Click the icon to hear the interview.