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Ohio Promotes In-State Travel During Summer Season

The Ohio Division of Tourism and Travel says it will spend $236,000 next week urging state residents to take a short summer trip.

State Tourism Director. Caludia Vecchio says billboards, broadcast spots, blogs, newspaper ads, and podcasts will be used to promote short trips at a time when gas prices remain high. "I think high gas prices will take a toll on travel which is also why we're saying, still get out, don't let them keep you home. Still get out and travel because travel is one of the most precious things and educational things of life." Says Vecchio. Vecchio adds the "Discover Ohio Week" Campaign will talk up theme parks, professional sports, Lake Erie recreation, and the state's parks. Governor Bob Taft says a large chunk of the state's economy depends on travel and toruism. "The travel and tourism industry is already a $30,000,000,000 industry providing half a million good jobs for Ohio citizens." Says Taft.

The 236-thousand dollar Ohio marketing campaign is scheduled to start Monday.