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Scattered problems reported with new voting machines

Scattered glitches have been reported on this primary day, the first time all of the state's counties are using electronic voting machines instead of punch cards.

In Franklin County, voters in some precincts were delayed because poll workers did not realize people could cast ballots during the final check of the machines. About 50 voters were affected.

In Cleveland, poll workers were up to two hours late getting the new machines set up this morning, and a small number of people left polling places without voting.

Cuyahoga County elections chief Michael Vu says other voters were eventually given ballots to fill out by hand.

He's also recommending that 16,000 absentee ballots be hand-counted, because test counts were inconsistent for an unknown reason.

Elsewhere in the state, election officials and voters have reported mostly minor trouble with workers finding their way around the newer machines.