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Ohioans Try Out New Voting Machines In Primary Election

Franklin County Board of Elections director Matthew Damschroder said all of the new electronic voting machines are in place and ready for voters. Damschroder said the machines have been tested to ensure accuracy. And poll workers have also had extensive training on the machines.

"Many of them came back this weekend for a refresher course called Practice Makes Perfect. So we're really believing that we've done everything we can do to get ready for this election with the new machines tomorrow," Damschroder said.

But even with the extensive testing and training, voters are still being reminded about the final button they have to press to ensure their ballot is cast.

"Once they've reviewed their ballot they have to press two cast a vote buttons, a green button to cast their ballot and a green button to confirm that they want to cast that ballot," Damschroder said.

The Franklin County Board of Elections is still looking for last minute poll workers to help out with Tuesday's election. Damschroder says the need for more workers is not unusual, or any greater than other elections.