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Strickland Offers Education Plan While Flannery Appeals to Christian Conservatives

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ted Strickland has proposed a package of education reforms aimed at reversing what he sees as a mindset among some Ohioans that college is unattainable.

Among his ideas are state-supported college savings accounts for Ohio schoolchildren, incentives for teachers in troubled districts and tuition guarantees provided when students enter college. Strickland says, as governor, he would revisit the formula for funding public schools to assure that it abides by the Ohio Constitution.

Strickland faces former state representative Bryan Flannery in the May second primary. And, many Democrats know Flannery as the underdog candidate whose main campaign theme is - changing the way Ohio pays for schools. But Statehouse Correspondent Bill Cohen reports on ANOTHER side of Flannery. That side came out last week at a forum sponsored by the Christian Coalition