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Mifflin High School Teacher Testifies Administrators Told Father Not To Call Police

A Mifflin High School special education teacher recalled the day a developmentally disabled girl told her she was sexually assaulted by two classmates in the school's auditorium.

Teacher Lisa Upshaw told the jury she heard Columbus school administrators tell the girl's father not to call police. Upshaw says she was the teacher who notified the girl's father. She says she called him twice. First, to tell him something had happened to his daughter, then a second time to say it may have been a sexual assault. She testified she urged him to call police.

Crenshaw's attorney, Toki Clark, tried to raise doubts about Upshaw's testimony by getting Upshaw to admit she did not hear everything the administrators told the father. The teacher also admitted she lied to Columbus public school investigators. Upshaw says she told officials she did not call the father the second time, even though she had. She says she lied because she says she was intimidated by the principal's boss.

Crenshaw is facing misdemeanor charges for failing to call the police. If found guilty the former high school principal could be fined $250, spend 30 days in jail or both.