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Ohio's Bomb Squads Get New Suits

Older bomb suits worn by bomb squad members around Ohio only protected against explosives. But the new suits are designed to protect against bombs and chemical agents. Columbus Bomb Squad Commander, Captain Steve Saltsman, said squad members will be safeguarded no matter what situation they are in.

"We're wearing the same thing all the time. Not all of a sudden you have to go with a completely different suit," Saltsman said. Saltsman said the new suit will now be the standard for bomb squad units around the state. He said that will eliminate confusion over how different squads' equipment works.

"If we go somewhere else, I don't know what suit they have, how do we do it. Everybody has this, and this is the top of the line, the best there is," Saltsman said.

The new suits weigh about 80 pounds, and are considerably lighter than the older ones. The suits, which look similar to those worn by astronauts, also provide easier mobility. The State Homeland Security Department spent $486,000 on 27 suits.