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Dangers At School

The Columbus Division of Police does not have any additional information at this point about how an inactive grenade ended up in a parking lot at Northland High School. Fire and police squads were at the school by 7 a-m after a parent notified school officials of the device. C-D-P spokesperson Betty Schwab said the school has sent a letter home to parents.

"School officials at Northland High School did send out letters home to the parents notifying them of what went on. That there is no danger to the students and that it was all clear and that it was a training grenade," Schwab said.

The school was temporarily placed on lock down and traffic was temporarily re-rerouted.

Meanwhile, parents also have been notified about six attempted abductions, or what police are calling child-enticement, at four Columbus public schools. Schwab said the students have been all female and mostly African-American.

"There has not been any physical contact. Again, they are enticing them to the car and many of the victims have run off," Schwab said. Schwab says area police are doing what they can to heighten patrolling of the schools during morning and afternoon hours.

"The sergeants in those precincts are trying to reallocate their resources to get those officers there at school in the area prior to school because a lot of these instances have happened as they're walking to school, and then of course when school lets out and these kids are walking home," Schwab said.

Deshler and Heyl Elementary Schools, Southmoor Middle School and South High School all have been targeted by what police say are would-be kidnappers. Schwab said it's important for parents to repeatedly remind their children about the dangers of approaching people they do not know.