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Jury Still Deliberating in Wrongful Conviction

For more than a quarter century Timothy Howard has been trying to clear his name of a murder and bank robbery that happened at the former Ohio National Bank on East Main Street. And the wait continues. Jurors deliberated six-and-a-half hours Tuesday, but asked to go home at five o'clock - without a verdict. Howard's attorneys were in and out of the courtroom all day checking on him. Howard, who arrived shortly after nine, appeared to have more energy than on Monday. Following a lunch break, Howard returned to the courtroom with several supporters to continue to wait for a response. He appeared relaxed and spoke candidly with local reporters about his time on death row, how he finally got someone to take his case and even his favorite NFL teams. For Howard to win the lawsuit, six of the eight jurors must be convinced that he had the greatest weight of evidence proving his innocence. Howard, whose conviction was overturned in 2003, could receive millions of dollars if the jury votes in his favor.