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Mayor Coleman Makes Seventh State of the City Speech

Mayor Coleman's State of the City speech touched on how Columbus has progressed over the last year, the opportunities it has to progress and the responsibility residents should take to make the city better. One of the major announcements in the mayor's speech is that Columbus will be starting its own airline.

"After months, frankly years, of hard work and many, many meetings and persuasion, raising millions of dollars, planning and preparation, we will be launching Columbus' first airline, Skybus," Coleman said.

Coleman said Skybus, with its headquarters in Columbus, will offer direct flights to cities around the country at affordable prices. He said he's aware that other airlines are filing for bankruptcy, but said that will not hinder this project.

"If we don't begin to shed our fears and start doing things that will make a difference in our city, we'll never get there," Coleman said.

The mayor said local businesses and Wall Street investors have put money into the airline. Flights are set to begin sometime next year.

The city's advancement was also addressed. Coleman announced that another company will be relocating to downtown.

"We are proud to state tonight that Ohio Health will be relocating their corporate headquarters to 180 East Broad Street," Coleman said.

Coleman also talked crime, focusing mainly on the African American community. He said while the homicide per capita rate is the lowest its been in five years, the mayor said too many young Black men are killing each other.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, this is not a police problem, or an enforcement issue. This is a community issue, and it will take the community to assume responsibility," Coleman said.

Coleman and other community leaders are creating the African American Male Empowerment Commission . It will focus on young Black men offering programs on fatherhood and mentoring.

The mayor, who received positive reactions from the audience after each announcement, encouraged everyone to be a part of making Columbus vibrant.