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New Albany Voters Approve School Money

Voters in New Albany and Plain Township approved a tax levy on Tuesday by a 52 to 48 percent margin. The levy will generate nearly 18-million dollars annually for the next three years for operation of the district's schools.

School finance committee member Hyman Albritton says the new money wil be needed as enrollment increases in the New Albany school district. "The increase is really very justifiable. When you look at the enrollment projection about 1,000 new kids are going to come into the district in the next three years. If you take the current cost to educate one child, which is roughly over $9,000, times the number of kids that are coming it really projects a number higher than what the district was asking for." Says Albritton.

Albritton says further that as more value is added to the school district's tax base the levy passed on Tuesday will be collected at a lower rate. Revenue from the levy will remain constant at 17-point-9 million dollars for the next three years.