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Franklin County Prosecutor Stays in AG Race

O'Brien says before finalizing his plans to run for the Republican nomination, he checked with Montgomery.

"I was surprised when I heard rumors that Betty Montgomery was withdrawing from the Governor's race and running for Attorney General, primarily because before I announced as a candidate for Attory General I personally mnet with her and she assured me she didn't plan to do that."

O'Brien says Montgomery's decison to run for Attorney General has not changed his mind.

"I look forward to a spirited debate of the issues as they relate to the Attorney General's office, and I think I have found that the people of Ohio are looking for a change rather than some more musical chairs."

Along with O'Brien and Montgomery, state Senator Tim Grendell is also running for the GOP nomiation for Attorney General. Subodh Chandra and Marc Dann are competing for the Democratic nomination.