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Missing girl returns home

Franklin County Children's Services executive director John Sarros says 18-year-old Sarah Kinney, who is described as having the abilities of a 10-to-12-year-old, "came forward" after being missing since last Thursday.

"She voluntarily came forward and met with our service team and began to work toward cooperrating with the agency and the service team toward getting back on track."

Two workers charged with supervising Kinney were fired after officials discovered they took Kinney to a bar to play pool. The two worked for a private firm subcontracted by the county to supervise Kinney in her Grove City apartment.

Although Kinney is over the age of 18, she remains under the custody of Children's Services on her own request. Sarros says his office is required to continue care for those over the age of 18 with special needs, but can continue services for people who request help.

"If a youngster does not have special needs but is requesting continued services from us, and is willing to sign a contract that they will comply with a case plan that we develop for them, then we are mandated to provide services to them until they turn 21."

Sarros says there are between 30 to 40 18-to-21 year-olds living in similar accommodations in Columbus.