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Ohio Highway Patrol graduates officers

The Ohio State Highway Patrol graduated its 116th Basic Peace Officer Class this afternoon. 26 class members will assume duties for 11 Ohio departments. Patrol Superintendent, Colonel Paul McClellan, says the graduates are deputy sheriff's and police officers from around the state. They were sponsored by their departments or chiefs. McClellan says the officers are trained to handle all kinds of situations.

"What people get here are the fundamentals. The fundamentals of how to leagally and without bias, ethically approach situations from a terrible road rage incident to a more common traffic stop."

While there was a recent road rage incident in Whitehall, McClellan says they are not terribly common and says the highway patrol has not seen an increase this holiday season. However, McClellan says there has been an increase in what the patrol calls extreme drivers, those who drive at very high speeds and perform dangerous stunts on roadways. The 116th class was the first to be trained on driving simulators that will better prepare them for everyday driving as well as for emergencies.