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MoveOn.org Targets Ohio's Pryce

The head of MoveOn.org's Washington office, Tom Mattzie, says his group is targeting Pryce and five other Congressional Republicans because they are vulnerable to Democrats in upcoming elections.

"Congresswoman Pryce is considered a bellwether for whether or not the election will swing to the democrats next year so if she's having trouble, it will be a good year for the democrats," says Mattzie.

The ad says most Iraqis favor the departure of U.S. troops but that President Bush does not have a timeline for it.

"We're trying to make it clear that if Republicans continue to stop an exit strategy from Iraq there will be a political price to pay on election day and that's one of the reasons we're targeting Congresswoman Pryce," Mattzie says.

Pryce's Press Secretary Rob Nichols says the Ohio Republican is being targeted because of her leadership position in Congress. Nichols says a majority of Democrats don't support an immediate withdrawal from Iraq.

"The exit plan that was put before Congress called for an immediate withdrawal which is what the MoveOn.org ad is requesting and when that question was put before Congress, 187 out of 202 Democrats voted against it, disagreeing with MoveOn's position," says Nichols.

MoveOn says U.S. troops should be out of Iraq before the end of 2006. Sam Hendren, WOSU News.