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Local Residents Rush to Ship Holiday Gifts

Some local residents trying to send packages at the Clintonville Post Office were met with a line that went out the door. One of the customers, Inna Lopez said she had not even finished her Christmas shopping yet. "I'm going to buy the gift now and then come back here and ship it" she said.

Lopez hopes to get her presents sent to Puerto Rico before its too late. But she likes the last minute holiday shopping rush.

Shipping industry analyst Satish Jindel said Post Office services, like free next day pick up, cater to last minute shoppers like Lopez. He said these services may help the Postal Service keep customers they would otherwise lose to shipping competitors. Jindel also said internet shopping may contribute to the holiday shipping rush.

"It has enhanced the awareness of other options, including even the postal options for the shipping public. And to some extent, even helping the amount of shipping that is taking place" Jindel said.

After sending a thick stack of greeting cards, Nora Roberts said she understands if the presents she sends late do not make in time for Christmas. "If I send them late I'm not disappointed, the same way with the cards. You know, if they're late in getting them I assume that's the way its going to be, but as long as they get them." Roberts said.