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Mayor Coleman drops out of gubernatorial race for family

Mayor Michael Coleman says he's dropping out of the governor's race to concentrate on his family and the city. Coleman says it has become apparent to him that in order to run for governor he would have to neglect those two things.

I can not sacrifice my duty as mayor, a role I love, to campaign for governor for the state of Ohio.

Coleman referred to the city of Columbus as a member of his family and says it needs him at this time. He says there's a lot to be done in Columbus.

I have to go to work to lift this city up. I've always believed that part of my role is to make Columbus the best city in the nation to live, work and raise a family and I'm serious about it. And I just can't give that up.

Coleman's campaign has had some setbacks with the arrests of his wife and campaign advisor on drunken driving charges. He also was involved in a highly publicized argument with radio talk show host Glenn Beck. Coleman refrained from endorsing any other Democrat in the race. Congressman Ted Strickland is now the only major democrat in the gubernatorial race.