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Grove City Beauty Parlor Claims to be Gossip-Free

The local beauty parlor may have a quirky name like The Mane Attraction or The Hairem or Shear Perfection. But it's likely filled with old-fashioned gossip -- maybe not the Steel Magnolias variety, but local beauticians readily admit that the salon is a place where customers sometimes share the most intimate of details with their stylist. There's a new salon, though, that's trying to change the gossipy habit.

Emily Reisinger is a stylist who's been in the beauty business for close to 20 years. She says the favorite reading material in her salon is

Oh my gosh, The Star, The Enquirer. And of course it's all true, says Emily, laughing.

And is it true that the beauty shop is a haven for gossip?

Oh god, yes, she says.

I asked Emily to describe some of the intimate details that a client confides to her stylist

Oh boy. Some things they don't even tell their friends I don't know. Love lives, divorce just everything they've done or do or want to do. They said in beauty school you end up being a psychologist too. And it's kind of fun. And they help us through, too. A lot of these people probably knew more about my divorce than I did.

Asked if she's shocked by some of the things she's heard, Emily says she won't betray the confidence of her customers.

We wouldn't want to even giving out details wouldn't be fair, says Emily.

Emily says she and her customers laugh and cry together. They grow so close through the years that they attend each others weddings and relatives' funerals.

There's another beauty salon in central Ohio that also holds what passes between stylist and customer in confidence. The shop known as Clip-Its is located in a church in Grove City. There beauticians try to nip gossip in the bud.

Gossip. Well, usually you can find gossip anywhere and everywhere. And the bad thing is it's a pretty common thing for a human being to do, says Karla Peitsmeyer who manages the salon.

It's not something that's the greatest thing in the world because it hurts a lot of people most of the time. But in here, we try to keep it as much Christian as we can.

Peitsmeyer says she and the staff at Clip-Its don't discourage customers from talking. After all, beauticians say many people use their time at a salon to relax and unwind. But Peitsmeyer says containing gossip is the right idea.

The person is sitting in the chair, the client, and other people around start to congregate and start talking and then it goes from one thing to the next to the next to the next and then it goes out from the salon and it becomes even bigger. If we can allow them to be themselves and allow them to talk and then contain it, the girls here want to be more Christlike and will try to contain that as much as possible, says Peitsmeyer.

Clip-Its even advertises that it provides a gossip-free atmosphere.