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Columbus school board may close schools

The Columbus Public Schools Facilities Assessment Task Force met Wednesday to compile an initial list of schools that may close. Task force co-chair, Alan Davidson, says the board uses 14 criteria in its review.

One is size, one is enrollment trends, one is the availability of alternate schools within a reasonable distance. Others have to do with condition of the school, the amount of money that would have to be spent improving and upgrading it in various respects.

School superintendent Gene Harris is expected to present the preliminary closing list to the board of education by mid-November.

The school system's John Sanford. Soon after the presentation to the board of education, the first couple of weeks in December the superintendent will present the results that are presented to the board of education to the community in a series of community forums around the city.

Davidson says the committee hopes to narrow the list of 31 schools by the end of November.