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Columbus City Council to decide on red light cameras

The Columbus City Council is expected to make a decision tonight on whether cameras will be installed at 17 intersections around Columbus. If approved, motorists who run red lights will soon have to pay for it.

If the Columbus City Council approves the red-light cameras, owners of vehicles that go through red lights will be fined $95.

While the cameras would be installed in time for the holidays, tickets won't be issued until 2006.

The cameras have surfaced as an issue for Columbus City Council.

While incumbents say the cameras are being considered to make the city safer, some contenders say that's not the case. One republican challenger for a council seat says the red-light cameras are being pushed to make money for the city.

The company that will be given the contract if the measure is passed, Redflex Traffic Systems, says the city could make about $4.5 million annually from the tickets. Redflex would take about 75% of each ticket to operate the cameras.

The scheduled city council vote comes as state legislators are considering a bill that would require police officers to witness violations recorded by the red-light cameras. Mandie Trimble, WOSU News .