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A New Workweek Arrives Too Soon For Those With "Sunday Night Syndrome."

Its called "Sunday night syndrome. And many people think they're the only ones dreading the start of a new workweek.

27 year old Andrew with his baby-face and pleasant disposition works as a claims adjuster at Nationwide Insurance. Every Sunday night, Andrew feels agitated and stays up late in an effort to make the week-end last as long as possible. He didn't know about Sunday night syndrome until he heard other people talking about it.

Kappy Madenwald is a social worker and clinical director for the Franklin County Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Board. She says thousands suffer seriously from the "Sunday Night Syndrome." Madenwald says awareness might help people combat the syndrome and reclaim their week-ends.

While a Harris Poll shows two-thirds of all Americans feel good about their jobs. When it comes to Monday morning, thousands of workers resent getting up and spend most of the day trying to "rev up their engines." Madenwald cites studies which indicate Monday is the least productive work day.