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College Libraries Feature Fewer Books, More Laptops

As students return to class this fall at Ohio State University and other campuses across the country they'll find more electronic resources and fewer books at the library. O-S-U Junior, Nate Clemente, says books have taken a back seat to computer stations so now laptops are conected to a wireless network and more space is available for group study.

At Capital University in Bexley, Blackmore Library Director, Albert Maag, says online services are more in demand. "Its almost like we've outdone ourselves. We've done such a good job of selling our online services that students don't even want to look at paper anymore." says Maag.

Academic librarians are still buying paper. But, larger percentages of their budgets are used to buy electronics. Ohio State University Library Director, Joe Branin, says students are concerned about the appearance of libraries and he says students want coffee shops and rooms for group study. Branin says many books are being moved to a remote location on campus where they can be retrieved, if requested. "I don't myself predict that the book or print journal will go away as a form of reading. But, the information will not necessarily be stored on paper. It will be printed out when needed." says Branin.

And the printers and copiers are also available in the library.