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OSU Braces for UT Game

Ohio State University officials are preparing for Saturday's much-anticipated football game against the University of Texas. The hype for the game has been building since summer, and officials expect larger than normal crowds to come to the OSU campus.

Officials are concerned about post-game trouble similar to that following other big games in the past. Assistant OSU Police Chief Rick Amweg says campus police are working with Columbus City Police to try to keep the peace.

He says additional officers will be stationed inside the stadium during the game and outside the stadium after the game. Chief Amweb adds, it's fortunate students have not yet returned to campus for the fall quarter.

Officials expect parking lots to fill well before the 8PM kick-off on Saturday. University leaders also warn fans to be on the lookout for counterfeit tickets. Scalped tickets are selling for as much as $500.00 each on E-Bay.