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Ohio colleges and universities poised to house New Orleans students

New Orleans is home to some 13 colleges and universities. Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent flooding have left thousands of students without a school - at least for the time being.

Tulane, Dillard, Southern and Xavier Universities are all closed indefinitely and urge their students to enroll at other schools. Here in Ohio, colleges and universities are preparing to help the displaced students find new classrooms.

Across the country, historically black colleges and university have opened their doors. Here in Ohio, both Wilberforce University and Central State University have offered to accept any student affected by hurricane Katrina.

Executive vice president for Wilberforce, Marshal Mitchell says the school is already in the process making arrangements for displaced students.

Vice president of enrollment for Otterbein College, Tom Stein, says Otterbein will also accommodate transfers. He explains the school will work around the lack of paperwork students may have.

Officials from Ohio University in Athens say they're still working on details for plans to support Ohio students displaced by the hurricane.

While Ohio State University president Karen Holbrook says OSU has not made relocation plans for affected students but is monitoring the situation.

According to Marshall Mitchell, Wilberforce has not received many requests for enrollment. He says school may be taking a backseat to survival and recovery.

WOSU's Mandie Trimble contributed to this report.