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Ohio Mourns Fallen Marines

Ohio mourns today for marines killed in action in Iraq. Governor Taft has declared today an official day of mourning and he urges Ohioans to pause and remember those who gave their lives in Iraq. During the week-end, more than 300 people packed into a Columbus funeral chapel for the first in what will be a string of funerals. The family of Lance Corporal Andre Williams buried the 23 old from Galloway on Saturday.

The village of Sabina, southwest of Columbus, is also in mourning. The death of 22 year old Brett Wightman has caused some in the community to reconsider U-S involvment in Iraq.

People in Sabina say their village of 2,000 is a patriotic place. There's an abundance of American flags along streets, in the yards of homes and businesses. But now, some of those flags fly at half-staff to mark the passing of Lance Corporal Brett Wightman who was killed last week in Iraq.

Karma Henson is fiscal officer for the village. She describes Sabina as tight-knit. "Everybody in town has talked very highly of him, good kid, all American, very excited about being in the service and very excited about being in the war for our country. It was something that he wanted to do." She said of Wightman.

Henson says she can't speak for Sabina as a whole, but she says the death of Brett Wightman has raised greater doubts about U-S involvment in Iraq. "Some of us think its time to wrap it up. Its time to bring our boys home." She says.

Retiree Harold Wilson disagrees. Wilson, who's lived in Sabina all his life, except while he served in the military believes the village will remain committed to the war on terror. "As a whole, the majority will back up whoever has to go over there. They're over there causing chaos instead of over here." Says Wilson.

Even so, the chaos in Iraq has brought pain and a sense of loss to this small Ohio town.