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Bicycling Broadcaster offers One Free Minute of Fame

Local artist Daniel Jolliffe developed a device to allow people to speak out publicly, but anonymously. The native of Canada says he was inspired by the many people using cell phones and envisioned a way to use those cell phones to create a network of speech.

Anyone who calls Jolliffe's phone number and leaves a message no longer than one minute in length can be part of that network of speech. Jolliffe puts the message on a CD and broadcasts it through a 200-watt amplifier and speaker he carts around the Ohio State campus on his bicycle. Jolliffe says the messages he receives touch on a wide range of topics, from politics to whistling to love.

Most of the attention received by Jolliffe's project comes from bloggers on the internet and from the web site "One Free Minute.net."

Daniel Jolliffe just completed his masters degree in art and technology at Ohio State. He's planning to take his "one free minute" project to Victoria, British Columbia to help organize a free speech call-in on the grounds of the legislature.