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Columbus Doo-Dah Parade entertains thousands.

The 22nd edition of the Doo-Dah Parade drew participants from through-out Central Ohio and several states. They ranged in dress from skimpy to furry. Some made political statements. Others were there just to act out and be whacky.

The King and Queen of the Doo-Dah were out in full regal dress while a skimpily-clad Robert Hoss says he was headed for Canada because "Canadians recognize the value of gay and lesbian people."

Not all paraders were there to express political opinions. Some were just visiting aliens such as a family of coneheads who said they were from France.

One man was above it all! He walked the entire parade route on stilts even though he only recently had learned to balance himself.

The weather was hot and humid. But, no rain. The Dis-organizers had taken that into account by designating July 3rd as the rain date.