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Father, psychologist testify in highway shootings trial

Both the man behind the Columbus-area highway shootings and his father cried in court Friday as the father described his arrest in the case.

Charles McCoy Senior testified that since the arrest a year ago, he has his son back.

He says the heavy medication for paranoid schizophrenia while in jail has restored Charles McCoy Junior's ability to concentrate and show emotion.

A psychologist described the tests that show his illness -- even while on some medication.

Dr. Jeffrey Madden told the jury that he tested McCoy for functions which included IQ, memory, problem solving and judgement.

He said there was nothing to cause him to dispute the diagnois of paranoid-schizophrenia.

The younger McCoy's lawyers have conceded that he is responsible for the shootings, one of which killed a woman while she rode in a car on Interstate 270.

He would be hospitalized if found insane but could face the death penalty if convicted of the most serious charge in her death.

The trial has adjourned for the weekend.