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Second-grader shot in hand when gun discharges from book bag

Columbus police say second-grader shot in the hand today after a gun discharged in his bookbag has told officers he found the weapon on his way to school.

It's not immediately clear where the boy found the 45-caliber pistol.

Sergeant David Sicilian says the seven-year-old was shot just after nine a-m, while students were taking off their coats and getting ready for class.

Police spokeswoman Sherry Mercurio says a teacher heard a bang, looked up and saw the boy had been shot in the hand.

The child is being treated at Children's Hospital. Mercurio say his injuries don't appear to be life-threatening.

Police have the gun and found a spent shell in the boy's bag.

Children's Hospital spokeswoman Amy Ranalli says the boy's family will not let the hospital release any information about the his injuries. Classes have not been canceled and fourth-graders at the school are continuing their proficiency tests.

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