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Parole board grants killer's release

The Ohio Parole Board has ruled in favor of convicted murderer Shawn Keffer and agreed to release him.

The parole board has scheduled a May 11th release date for Keffer, convicted of the murder of Brian Dennis 25 years ago. Dennis was stabbed 72 times, shot in the head and bludgeoned with a block of concrete.

Keffer has served 25 years in prison for the crime.

The sister of Brian Dennis, Brenda Pennewit, was visibly distraught after the decision was announced.

Shawn Keffer's father, Robert, told reporters he is very happy with the board's decision and he welcomes his son's release.

Victim advocate Brett Vinocur, who testified against Keffer's parole, called this a typical decision by a parole board that's out of control.

Vincour urges Governor Taft to investigate the board and says he will lead an effort to reform the board.