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Representative proposes red light camera ban

At least 5 Ohio cities including Columbus are considering installing red light cameras at intersections prone to red light violations. Columbus police cite accident statistics showing crashes are reduced at intersections where the cameras are in place. The tickets resulting from the cameras have also proved to be a good source of revenue for cities in other states. But a State Representative from Cincinnati introduced legislation today that would ban the use of cameras for enforcement.

State Representative Jim Raussen says he's gotten numerous calls and letter from people worried about red light cameras and now he, too, thinks they're trouble.

Raussen says the cameras invade privacy. He also cites a recent study that found rear end accidents actually increased in intersections where cameras have been installed. And he says, Ohio wouldn't be the first state to ban the cameras.

The legislation was introduced today in the Ohio house with 25 co-sponsors. It would ban the use of red light cameras for traffic enforcement and would only allow their use if an officer was present at the intersection. Columbus police said they were instructed by city staff not to comment on the legislation. Columbus city council could vote to install the cameras in the next few weeks.