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South-Western Schools appeal for levy

A record 63 school money issues are on the ballot tomorrow in Ohio. The South-Western City Schools in Grove City want voters to approve a 9.7 mill levy that, if passed, would add about $300 in additional taxes on a home valued at $100-thousand. South -Western District officials approved $13-million in budget cuts after voters rejected a levy in November.

Until November, the South-Western City Schools hadn't asked for an operating levy in a decade. The district's voters have a history of denying levy's, in the past such measures have taken several tries before passing. But superintendent Kirk Hamilton thought last year's levy had a good chance of passage. Now he calls November's defeat a disappointment.

He says voters, especially those in the South-Western Schools district are reluctant to approve new taxes.

In December the board approved some $12-million in cuts for next fiscal year. Twelve administrators would be laid off along with 80 teachers. There would be no extra-curricular activities, and all schools would close their doors 30 minutes after classes are dismissed.

If the levy passes it will pay for general operating expenses, classroom materials, utilities, supplies and staff, as well as classroom technology upgrades and replacement of high mileage school busses. If the levy fails, the cuts would take effect at the beginning of next fiscal year in July.