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In wake of shooting, spotlight shines on concert security

This week's shooting at the Alrosa Villa Nighclub has focussed attention on security at concerts and other public events.

Columbus Police say the owner of the Alrosa Villa will not be prosecuted for security lapses, because there are no laws requiring security at concert halls.

A Columbus Police spokesman says he believes security personnel at the Alrosa Villa were not using metal detectors to check concertgoers for weapons on the night 5 people were shot to death at the club. Those killed include a popular guitarrist who was playing at the time of the attack, an audience member, a club employee, a band crew member and the gunman Nathan Gale. Gale was holding a hostage when he was shot by a Columbus police officer.

Scott Steiniker, President of Promo West Productions, which holds concerts in Columbus at the Newport Music Hall and the Promo West Pavilion, says security is heavy at these venues particularly when hard core rap or metal groups are performing.

The owner of the Alrosa Villa could not be reached for comment