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Cheney campaign bus stops in Central Ohio

John Kerry is scheduled to appear at a rally in Dayton tonight. Vice President Dick Cheney is also campaigning in Ohio today on a 3-city bus tour. And he's on the attack.

The Vice President's Bus tour took him from Fairfield, to Greene to Hamilton, all counties where the Bush Cheney ticket won convincingly 4 years ago. At the first stop, a hangar at the Fairfield county airport near Lancaster, Lynn Cheney introduced her husband to a friendly standing-room only crowd.

The event was set up town hall style, with Cheney and his wife sitting on stools at the center of the room. The vice president focused mainly on national security and the war on terror only briefly mentioning social security. He told the audience of invited guests that security is the most important issue in this year's election. And he said, democrat John Kerry isn't up to the task.

But Cheney didn't stop there. He characterized Kerry as desperate, saying the candidate is trying to scare voters by saying the president would re-institute the draft or privatize social security if re-elected.

Ohio Democratic Party spokesman Dan Trevis, vehemently disagrees with the Vice President's charges and says Dick Cheney is out of touch with the concerns of Ohioans.

President Bush will be in Ohio on Friday. On Thursday democrat John Kerry will be back in Ohio. That will his 3 trip to the state in less than a week. The latest Ohio Poll from the university of Cincinnati finds the two candidates are in a statistical dead heat, with Kerry leading President Bush, 48 percent to 46.