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Dublin schools seek funds on November ballot

On this November's ballot, Dublin voters will consider Issue 98. It's a combined schools operating levy and facilities bond that would raise nearly $29-million a year for the Dublin city schools over the next 5 years. It's a district that's growing by 300-students per year and that has suffered recently from state budget cuts and investing shortfalls.

Issue 98 is somewhat unusual in that it combines a bond and a levy. It's an all or nothing scenario with millions of dollars hanging in the balance, but Dublin City Schools Treasurer Chris Mohr says the district needs both sources of funding.

The bond measure would fund construction of the district's 12th elementary school, building improvements at older schools, and technology purchases. It is a no-new-millage bond, which means it won't raise people's taxes. The operating levy, however, will raise property taxes. An analysis of figures supplied by the district finds that the owner of an average house in Dublin, valued at $315,000, would pay about $750 a year on top of the more than $3,500 currently paid in school taxes. The tax won't go into effect until 2006.

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