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Teaching Trash: Students tour Franklin County Landfill

When you think of school field trips in Franklin County, you probably think about a trip to COSI, The Ohio Village, and The Santa Maria. But how about a field trip to the Franklin County Landfill?

Each year some, 4-thousand students take such a trip to the landfill. All field trips have rules. Rule number one of a field trip to the Franklin county dump. Don't call it a dump. It's a sanitary landfill.

Making the important distinction and leading the tour is Kristi Michaels, education and community outreach coordinator for the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio - or SWACO - which manages the landfill.

Her goal: teach kids, who then can teach mom and dad about the three r's of trash disposal: reduce, reuse and recycle.

The field trip is free and SWACO even pays for the bus if the school is in Franklin County.

After the lecture and the slide show, kids get to see the landfill up close. The kids pile back into the school bus to get a look at the huge pile of trash, which at 170 feet is among the highest spots in Franklin County.