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Vice President Cheney campaigns in Grove City

Vice President Dick Cheney spoke to a crowd of about 3-thousand invited supporters in the Grove City High School gymnasium. The event was billed as a victory rally and it very much had the feel of a pep rally complete with pompoms, home made signs, and a marching band. The Vice President's message deviated very little from his standard stump speech, until he came to the topic of Senator John Kerry's latest criticism of the war in iraq.

Vice President Cheney also talked about domestic concerns saying President Bush intends to extend his tax cuts, wants to increase access to community colleges, supports the partial birth abortion ban, and wants to keep the words under god in the pledge of allegiance. But Cheney spent most of his time on the topic where polls show the Bush campaign has the greatest traction with voters, national security and the war on terror.

After the speech vendors sold campaign memorabilia in the parking lot, while a handful of protestors gathered across the street. Calling themselves "billionaires for Bush," they dressed the part wearing sparkling ball gowns, tiara's and top hats.

Democratic Vice presidential nominee John Edwards is scheduled to present a job creation plan for Ohio today at the Cleveland City Club. Senator John Kerry will campaign in Columbus later in the week. Tamara Keith WOSU News.