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Columbus filmmaker debuts new film

Columbus filmmaker William Lee's new movie is slated to make its debut this week.

William Lee is no stranger to the silver screen. he's been creating films since 1974. Lee says ...for him the magic began after he saw a Bruce Lee movie at a local drive-in theater. Lee was hooked.

Historically, William Lee's films have primarily had a maritial arts theme. In something of a break from that tradition...his latest film..."Room 13: Pure Terror" takes on modern-day terrorism ...reflecting actual news events.

Lee used the Columbus landscape as a backdrop for his new film. portions of the film were shot downtown...at the airport and outside drake union at Ohio State.

Lee says some people have compared his film with michael moore's farenheit nine-11. But Lee downplays any resemblance between the two films.

Lee says creating "Room 13: Pure Terror took on an eerie quality when actual events began reflecting scenes he had already written and filmed.

In 1997...William Lee received devestating news that he had Lupus. The disease might have ended his film career....and possibly his life.

Lee says living in the midwest and being black have created obstacles to a successful movie career...but conquering lupus has helped him put his priorities in order.

Columbus filmmaker William Lee is about to begin shooting a new movie ...called "Soul Rippers". "Room 13: Pure Terror" makes its world premiere at Studio 35 on Indianola Avenue....September 11th.