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National head of Democratic Party in Columbus, applauds Tenet resignation

The head of the Democratic National Committee was in Columbus Thursday for a fundraiser and to plan a visit by john kerry later this month.

DNC Chairman Terry McCauliffe reacted to CIA Director George Tenant's decision to resign.

Presumptive Democratic nominee for President John Kerry said he was grateful for Tenant's effort but Kerry said change was necessary because of significant intelligence failures.

The man who heads the national Democratic Party is more blunt. Terry McCauliffe says Tenant's resignation was overdue. He also called for Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to resign as well as Vice President Cheney and even President Bush for their mismanagement of the Iraq War.

Ohio Republican Party spokesman Jason Mauk downplayed the significance of Tenant's resignation to Ohioans. Mauk says the announcement shows President Bush is a man of conviction while voters don't know where John Kerry stands from one day to the next.