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Health officials urge parents to update school kids' vaccinations

Although summer break is just days away for many Central Ohio school children, local health officials want parents to plan ahead for next year by making sure their children's immunizations are up-to-date.

If student's don't get the required vaccinations, officials warn, students risk missing out the first few weeks of classes.

Ohio's exclusion policy says schools can give students up to 14 days to get their shots before being "excluded" from classes.

That's the policy enforced within Columbus Public Schools. The school district's Nancy Rini says before students are allowed to return, parents have to show proof they've begun the process of getting their children immunized. Children entering kindergarten and the seventh grade are most often affected by the exclusion policy. Incoming seventh graders are required to have their mumps, measles, rubella booster shots by the fall semester.

Nancy Rini says seventh graders are the students who most often have yet to receive their vaccinations by the start of the school year. Kindergartners have to have their shots in order to register for kindergarten.