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Elephant gives birth at Columbus zoo

The Columbus Zoo has a new resident Friday - a baby elephant.

The 280-pound male calf was delivered by Phoebe, a 17-year-old, 6,800 pound Asian elephant.

Phoebe delivered the calf about 3:30 am as volunteers watched through a video monitor.

Jerry Borin, the zoo's executive director, says the calf is strong and was able to get to its feet quickly.

Zookeepers plan to monitor the health of the calf around the clock over the next few days.

Phoebe was born in Israel in 1987 and was later taken to a zoo in Canada before arriving at Columbus in 2002. The father is Coco, the zoo's 33-year-old Asian elephant.

It's the zoo's first elephant birth. In 1999, another elephant delivered a stillborn calf at the zoo.