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Shooter suspect in court Monday

Mc Coy waived his right to appear in court and chose to remain in the Franklin County jail until his next court date. Mark Collins is one of two lawyers representing McCoy... He would not say why Mc Coy opted to remain in jail. The 28 year old is charged with one count of felonious assault, a second degree felony. Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O'brien has 10 days to bring Mccoy's indictment before a grand jury. Prosecutor's would outline the evidence they feel proves Mccoy is responsible for a shooting into a Brown Road home in December. Defense Attorney Mark Collins also would not comment on a possible defense strategy. He says it is too early in the case to speculate about an insanity plea or plea bargains. Collins says decisions about a plea will be made after the preliminary hearing. The task force investigating the shootings connected 9 bullets through balistics tests,among them the bullet found at the Brown Road shooting and the bullet that killed Gail Knisley. Franklin County Sheriff Jim Karnes would not say what charges he believes Mccoy should face but did say the evidence speaks for itself. Mccoy was arrested last week in Las Vegas. He arrived in Columbus on Saturday. Andrew Haney, who also represents McCoy, say he's spoken with him since his arrival. Haney would not describe Mccoy's demeanor or attitude in their conversations. He says no family members have been allowed to visit Mccoy since he's been in the Franklin County jail. No family members were present at the hearing. Charles McCoy's next court appearance, a preliminary hearing, is set for March 30th.