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Faithful to pray for end of highway shootings

A downtown church will host a service to pray for the capture of the person responsible for more than 20 shootings along area highways and neighborhoods.

One of the organizers of the events is Johannes Christian who was blinded 2 1/2 years ago by a teenager who threw a rock off an overpass at car. Christian says his own personal experience with random violence made the shootings more personal.

Christian is the pastor of Adoration and Praise Baptist Church and is one of two churches coming together for the vigil. He says the prayer service has been in the works for a couple of months but says scheduling conflicts kept postponing the event.

Investigators have been searching for suspects, combing for clues and receiving tips for nearly 5 months. While sightings of the shooter have been reported investigators say there are no suspects.

Gail Knisley, the Washington Courthouse woman who was killed while riding in a car is the sole death due to the shootings.

Her death sparked a multi-department and governmental search for the person responsible.

The prayer service will begin Friday evening at 7 pm at First Congregational.