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Investigators: Shooting tally up to 23

Investigators yesterday linked two shootings along Interstate 71 to a series of 21 other highway shootings in the Columbus area.

A van and a Mercedes were shot minutes apart on Sunday. The most recent shootings happened about 40 miles south of Columbus. No one was injured.

One person has died in the serial shootings, which have targeted vehicles, homes and schools. Until Sunday, the shootings had been concentrated around Interstate 270, which encircles Columbus.

Forensic psychologist N.G. Berrill says the shooter's growing target area could be a strategy to throw off police.

Former F-B-I agent Clint Van Zandt says serial criminals often start in the area where they live or work, then move out of their comfort zone.

Victims have described the gunman as a middle-aged white male, with a medium build.