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Columbus police crack internet fencing ring

Columbus police have arrested a southern Ohio man for receiving stolen property and selling the stolen merchandise on an on-line auction site.

Capital city police worked with Hilliard, Portsmouth and Scioto county law enforcement during a month-long investigation.

Police say more arrests are expected soon.

Columbus police detective Clyde Schulz walked around a large area at the police property room pointing to an estimated $280,000 of stolen items including a jaws of life, industrial tools, musical instruments and a riding saddle.

Robert Flagg of Portsmouth is being held in Franklin County jail charged with one count of receiving stolen property.

He could face additional charges under the state's anti-racketeering law. Detective Shulz says Flagg has had an active E-Bay site since 1999, a site that's still active. Some of the items in police custody remain on the site and attracting bids. Detective Shulz says police will try to return the stolen items to their rightful owners after the legal process ends, including the $30,000 jaws of life, stolen from Columbus State University's firefighters training program.

Shulz says Flagg sold the jaws of life to an out-of-state fire department for $5,200; money they'll likely never see again.