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Columbus teen shot by police claims force was excessive

A teenager shot by Columbus police last month intends to sue the police department. The teenager charges the shooting was unjustified and a use of excessive force.

Officers shot 15-year-old Shaindo Pirtle as they conducted a sting operation - trying to catch suspects in a string of pizza delivery robberies on the city's far east side.

Two days after being released from the hospital, his arm still in a sling, Shaindo Pirtle sat in his attorney's office with his grandmother. Pirtle's attorney, Byron Potts, says his client was shot multiple times and was left lying on the street for 15 minutes before a squad took him to the hospital. He says Pirtle had nothing to do with the robberies and police overreacted.

Police charged another man, who is an aquaintance of Pirtle with attempted robbery. Pirtle has not been charged. Police say they recovered two replicas of 9 millimeter handguns at the scene.

Pirtle's grandmother and guardian, Barbara Pirtle says she wants police to admit they were wrong.

Columbus police spokesman Sgt. Brent Mull says police investigators continue to look into the matter. He says officials do not want to comment on the case at this time.

The officers involved in the shooting remain on administrative leave which is standard procedure in such cases.