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Central Ohio Muslims celebrate end of Ramadan

Thousands of central Ohio Muslims are celebrating the end of Ramadan, a month of fasting. The holiday is called Ayeed Al Fettr which means the holiday of feasts.

Thousands of men, women and children streamed into the Buckeye Building at the Ohio Fairgrounds hugging, smiling and greeting each other---asalam-alaikum--peace unto you.

Ayeed Al Fettr is one of two feasts Muslims celebrate each year. The holiday marks the end of a month-long observance where Muslims across the globe fast from dawn until sunset. Taymour Hosseiny, who helped coordinate the holiday celebration, says Muslims believe fasting during Ramadan will lead to a greater reward.

Jad Humeidan, executive director of Ohio's Council on American Islamic relations or CAIR-Ohio, says the celebration will last for about three days. He says many people take time off work and school.

Humeidan says despite popular belief, most Muslims are not Arab. He says more than half the Muslims in central Ohio are Somali and the remainder are from Arab countries, Africa and America. Humeidan says the diversity of Muslims at holiday gatherings make the celebrations special.

Nearly 30,000 Muslims live in central Ohio.