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Ohio helps east coast cope with Isabel

The National Weather Service says hurricane Isabel will bring scattered showers to central Ohio on Thursday and Friday. But, central Ohio is gearing up in anticipation for the possible aftermath the storm may bring to the east coast.

28 rescue workers headed to Edison, New Jersey so they'll be on the east coast when hurricane Isabel makes landfall. Chief Scott Hall, says Ohio Task Force One, would rescue people from rubble and debris in necessary.

Members of the task force one will join other federal and state urban rescue teams at the new jersey staging area.

As chief Hall and his team head for danger areas, military aircraft at east coast bases seek refuge further inland. Sue Murphy of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, outside of Dayton, says the base is expected to harbor 100 planes from Maryland and Virginia, and possibly more as threat rises.

The central Ohio American Red Cross says its hands are tied as far as assistance to the eastern seaboard. Spokesperson Katharine West, says Ohio has less than an adequate blood supply that will prevent the Red Cross from helping the hurricane danger zones.

Central Ohio insurance companies are also keeping a hurricane watch. Insurance stocks fell Monday as investors braced for potentially large claims. Nationwide spokesperson, Kevin Craiglow says the locally-based company has major exposure in coastal areas of the mid-Atlantic United States.

Nationwide plans to send additional claims adjusters to the areas hardest hit. But, Craiglow says nationwide does not expect any negative financial impact from Isabel.