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R & B star to help Columbus combat violence

A Hollywood entertainer announced Wednesday he plans to start an anti violence campaign in Columbus. R & B singer Tyrese Gibson and city officials say Columbus' first annual Youth Peace and Unity festival will be held in October.

On October 25th Tyrese Gibson, a singer, actor, model turned community activist, will host a peace and unity rally. Gibson says he has adopted Columbus as a second home and was disturbed about the number of homicides the city has had this year.

Gibson says the unity festival will be similar to one he founded in his hometown of Watts, California. The Watts 200 festival recently held its 3rd annual peace and unity festival.

Gibson says he hopes people will begin to view each other in a more positive light through his efforts and will stop and think before turning to violent means to solve problems. Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman says event is a part of the city's effort to curb the violence that erupted during the summer months.

City officials say the day long event will feature a celebrity breakfast, autograph signings and a concert gala. Half of the proceeds would go to Columbus organizations that serve youth and the remainder would go towards Gibson's foundation.

Mayor Coleman says the event will come at no cost to the city.