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OSU: Clarett violated 16 NCAA rules, out for season

After a summer-long investigation, the Ohio State University athletics department has decided what to do with Maurice Clarett.

OSU athletics director Andy Geiger announced Clarett would be suspended for the season. Geiger disclosed Clarett violated the NCAA rule that prohibits him from accepting gifts as a college athlete. He says Clarett accepted thousands of dollars in gifts but he would not say exactly how many thousands of dollars. Geiger also said Clarett lied to NCAA and university investigators on 14 different occasions, violating the NCAA ethics rule.

Geiger said Clarett can keep his scholarship. He can attend OSU classes. And if Clarett plays by the rules for the next year, Ohio State will ask the NCAA to reinstate him next season. Geiger also requires Clarett donate to charity the thousands of dollars worth gifts he received.

Geiger says he hopes Clarett stays and plays next season but when asked if he would allow Clarett to transfer, Geiger says he has never stood in the way of other athletes who wanted to transfer.

Geiger said Clarett received some of the gifts during last year's championship season. But because Geiger maintains coaches and administrators did not know it, all of last year's wins and national championship are safe for now.

Geiger praised coach Jim Trestle and his oversight of the players. When asked if the department would change its policies and procedures, Geiger said he was comfortable with rules OSU now has in place.

Clarett would only tell reporters there are two sides to the story. His attorney says the running back may not return to Ohio State.